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Frequently Asked Questions

Good question, glad you asked. We set up drinks between two groups of friends: three guys and three girls (or three guys and three guys, etc.). The first step is applying for membership. Once you're accepted, you'll get your first invite to set up a Grouper and can finalize the two friends you'll bring along with you. We handle the rest: we match you with the other group, we pick the spot and set you up with a free drink. All you need to do is show up and have a good time (tough life).
Be patient (or at least try). There's still a waiting list, but we're trying to get each of you on a Grouper as quickly as we can. If you really can't wait (and we don't blame you), you can speed up the process by inviting more friends. Once your application has been approved, we'll send you an email to let you know. You can then look to receive your first invite within a few days. We promise, it'll be worth the wait.
Using your Facebook profile as the basis for our matching, we take five main criteria into account: age, educational background, profession, interests and general lifestyle. Additionally, we use the lifestyle and preference info you provide when you sign up.

We want to introduce you to new friends. We want you to have a really good time. And, yes, we also want you to be a little hungover at work the next day.
There are three main areas of your profile that we use: your likes and interests, your Facebook friend list (to ensure we're not matching you with someone you already know), and your tagged photos so that we can get a feel for the way you spend your free time: the places you like to go out, the friends you hang out...that kind of thing. All of which helps us to pair you with a group that you'll have fun with.
You're free to bring any two friends you'd like to. So, if for some reason the friends you indicated as wingmen / wingwomen aren't available when it's time to confirm your first Grouper, you can invite two different friends. Your original wingmen / wingwomen can join you on the next one.
We don't disclose any details prior to the Grouper (no photos, no bio, etc.), so you'll meet everyone for the first time the night of your Grouper. Sounds crazy, but it's a lot of fun.

We make a table reservation and give you and the other group the same details, so you'll simply give the info to the host or hostess when you arrive and you'll meet the other group at the table. It's all pretty simple. We try to make everything really easy.
First, ask yourself this: "is there REALLY no way I can make it?" If the answer to that or similar questions ("is there anyone else I could find to join me?") is a definite "no," then you can go to your profile and follow the necessary steps (like calling the other group to let them know). But be warned, some changes do carry a fairness penalty.
We work with a bunch of different venues, ranging from rooftop lounges to hotel bars to speakeasies. We look for interesting spots with awesome drinks and great service.
It's $20 per person (plus a 10% tip for your server), which covers our matching and concierge service, and includes a free first round at the bar we select for you.
This will vary based on the availability of a good match for you and your friends. We want to make sure that when it's time for your first invite that we have a few potential matches for you. This allows us to be more flexible with the available dates (we know your social calendar is pretty full as it is).
Trust us, we want to get everyone on a Grouper as fast as we can (we know how much fun it is and we want to share that!). But, unfortunately, we do have a waiting list. We don't want to set you up with just anyone, after all. If you've been waiting for more than 3 weeks, you can email Challen at and we'll look into it.