Half a Million Libations

Curated & Imbibed. Since 2011.

Experts in Awesome nights.

Grouper began way back in 2011 in downtown New York. Today, we're a team of engineers, designers, & local guides who are perfecting the art & science of fun.


Polly Rodriguez

St. Louis hoodrat. Econ enthusiast freed from the chains of powerpoint and consulting. Ponies. Drinks bourbon and lots of it.


Sean Wilkins

Agency escapee making the most of a Lit degree. Token Delawarean. Taco and burrito lover. Drinks the Champagne Campaign.


Ethan Langevin

Brown grad who throws down olympic bars and picklebacks with equal aplomb. Amazon, if you're reading this - His favorite book is Harry Potter and the Sorceror's Stone by JK Rowling. Drinks something.


MaryKate Meath

East Coaster currently exploring the West Coast. Technically a vegan, but can never deny a chocolate chip cookie. Loves a good book and a good adventure. Drinks margaritas.


Dana Lee

Boston College Grad. Started out as a banker. Moved on to the start-up world. Now keeping track of Grouper's $. Drinks red wine and scotch (both neat).


Erika Herrera

Stanford BA/MA. Spanish speaker. Travel Addict. Loves birthdays and party buses. Drinks Dirty Shirleys.


Ellie Jurchisin

Wisconsin grad. Lives for college football, dive bars and dancing like everyone's watching. One-half of an a cappella karaoke band. Drinks whatever is cheapest but prefers whiskey-diets.


Tom Brown

Co-founder. MIT CS BS+MS. Fond of acronyms. Scaled his last startup to 1 billion impressions per month. His sidekick is a dinosaur named Grex. Drinks Dark & Stormys.


Keaton Price

Art school drop-out. Midwest. Lives life by my tatoo "always sees beauty." Former touring guitarist. Drinks scotch.


Zain Jeddy

DePaul Grad. Goon from the The Chi. Steak and Jordan's connoisseur. Head bobbing maniac. Drinks vodka. Only the good stuff, but also the bad stuff.


Lindsay Barranco

Northwestern Wildcat. Midwestern by nature, southern by nurture. Loves spicy food and live music, especially jazz. Drinks whiskey over ice.


Monish Patel

UCSB Grad. LA Native, but loving it in SF. Amateur Astronomer. Burger Afficionado. Drinks Bourbon Neat.


Erinne Grant

San Francisco City College grad and AmeriCorps alum. A volleyball aficionado, closet thespian, and pubcrawl boss. Drinks Bloody Marys by day and Whiskey Sours by night.


Nikki Schlecker

UPenn grad. Loves to travel, try new restaurants, and meet new people. Theater and pop culture enthusiast. Drinks dirty martinis.


Zoe Weintraub

USC Grad. SF transplant. Enjoys a good run, an authentic meal, live music, and all things tech and travel. Drinks Moscow Mules but won't turn down a fireball.


Michael Waxman

Founder. Yale drop-out & grad. Not his first rodeo. From the Midwest; significantly nicer than his New York friends, but considered only average-nice back home. Drinks Macallans.


Zach Goldfine

UCLA Grad. Use to be a baller in NBA front offices. Now is a baller in Grouper bars across the globe. Drinks Caribou Lou's.


Ashley Taylor

UCLA grad. Starts her mornings with yoga, usually on a paddle board. Loves kale, grammar, and the Golden Gate Bridge. Drinks green smoothies.


Craig Minoff

Yale grad. Ex-BCG. Chicagoan for life. Adventurer and triathlete. Drinks anything with Ginger Beer.


Scarlett Allen

Northern California native, so naturally a wine enthusiast. Loves to cook, entertain, ski and travel. Collects cookbooks. Drinks wine.


Jaclyn Fu

Wrote thesis at Berkeley on the decline of samurai. Homegrown in California sunshine. Hood tendencies. Drinks tequila shots.


Cindy Blass

ISU grad. Home-grown in Iowa. Sock Bun enthusiast. Three instrument virtuoso. Drinks mimosas...and vodka waters.


Andrea Olivari

Bocconi & Imperial grad. Italian native, but grew up a world citizen. Started in banking, but M&A spreadsheets weren't fun enough. Moved on to SE Asia to build startups and now back in London. Drinks Gin & Tonic.


Nataleigh Kohn

Dickinson grad, born and raised in DC. Lover of literature, musical theater, and The Meatball Shop. Has symmetrical freckles. Drinks Patron on the rocks (with a splash of lime juice!)


Nina Littman

A born and raised Brooklynite who worked in the public relations world but has now switched over to the relations of the public world at Grouper. Always on the quest for the best mac and cheese spot. Drinks mojitos.


Ben Kies

Harvard Math/CS. Grew up hunting termites and raising chickens in Zimbabwe. Loves juggling and exploring the world. Drinks Savannah Dry.


Brittany Patton

USC Grad. Fluent in Chinese. Fierce Skier. Lived abroad for 16 years. Drinks Spicy Margaritas.


Kyle Miller

LA. Illustrator. Typography whiz. Watch yo' kerning. Enough style and taste to cover the entire Grouper crew. Drinks Maker's Old Fashioneds.


Tom Blomfield

Oxford grad. Brit-ish. Ex-consultant. YC alum. Destroyer of challenges. Drinks gin.


Challen Hodson

Founding Team. Went on an early Grouper then joined the cause. Forged from the Ad world and The South (Columbia, SC, specifically). Likes puzzles. Drinks Pina Coladas.


  • 96% of people who go on a Grouper want to go on another one.
  • Grouper is available in over 25 cities across the US plus Toronto and London.
  • Over 10,000 #groupergam photos have been posted to Instagram during Groupers.